The company TOV "LABIOPRO"

TOV «LABIOPRO» was created in 2010 to provide strategic goods and services for the optimal development of the infrastructure in clinics, sports and research institutions in our country as well as abroad.
Ever since its foundation the main priority of the company in the selection of product range is its quality.

We will give preference to goods which are the highest achievements of engineering and software development in their respective field.

The second priority is the selection of devices and their components, which are optimally integrated into the network of clinics, which are able to be installed on the servers with administration of user access rights, integration with other IT components of the clinic.

Requirement, which we place on our products, it is the reduced level of service and minimization of consumables. We will give preference to equipment with high quality, which has a long service life and provides the user with a significant profit for years of use by minimizing the component replacement, consumable parts and maintenance.

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