About ergoline

Ergoline is an owner operated German company with headquarters in Bitz (Baden-Württemberg). For more than 20 years, ergoline has been one of the leading providers in the medical field of high-quality, durable ergometers and systems for cardiological rehabilitation. More than 40,000 ergoline ergometers are currently in use in physicians' practices, clinics, sports medicine centers and rehabilitation facilities world-wide. Today, ergoline is seen as a modern, innovative company that has grown into an international supplier in over 30 countries.


Customer benefit

In addition to ergonomic design requirements and the demand for reliability, durability and precision, there are always special functions that users request. And because market-oriented functionality, i.e. customer benefits, is the central focus of all product development, ergoline offers a whole series of first-class individual solutions that have been developed as a well thought-out, complete offering. Each product makes a special contribution to application-specific requirements.



We have a large network of regional partners, both nationally and internationally, who are available to our customers for consultation, processing and service. For years, leading ECG manufacturers have been integrating our ergometers (sometimes under their own name) in their measuring systems for stress ECG testing, thus illustrating their trust in our quality, proven technology and ergonomic design.


ergoline Academy

ergoline does not see its competence as providing user-friendly systems only, but also in the continuing education of its customers. The ergoline Academy, with its experienced speakers and instructors (physicians, sports scientists and therapists), offers a multitude of high-quality seminars on varied themes, e.g. on the subject of training theory. ergoline Akademie




ergoselect 1200

The ideal tilt-recline ergometer for dynamic stress echocardiographic examinations.


ergoselect 50

The inexpensive ergometer for exercise test ECGs.


ergoselect 100

The classic ergometer for exercise ECGs.


ergoselect 200

Convenient extra functions


Bike ergometer for pediatric use 150

Bike ergometer for pediatric use


ergoselect 600

Designed for a patient weight of up to 260 kg


ergoselect 400

Developed for the special situation of patients with walking disabilities or for wheelchair patients, the ergoselect...


Rehabilitation ergometers ergoline

Devices for conducting controlled training sessions during cardiological rehabilitation.


ERS Software for ergoline Rehabilitation System

Systematically developing the performance of the cardiovascular system is one of the major goals of cardiological...


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