About Microgate

Development and Innovation on the Edge of Technology

Microgate is founded in Bolzano in 1989 by the brothers Vinicio and Roberto Biasi with the objective of creating timing systems for sports, Microgate has expanded its know-how and its partner network to approach new challenges with success. Giving particular attention to Design and Innovation, today the company works in four fields of development (Professional Timing, Training & Sport, Medical Rehab and Engineering). With its sales network it covers 30 countries on 4 continents, and among its customers there are the European Southern Observatory, the Italian Timers Federation, the Italian Track And Field Federation, the most prestigious football clubs as well as some of the most important rehabilitation clinics in Italy and abroad. In 2010 Microgate USA was founded in Mahopac, NY.

Since 2004 the company has created Micro Photon Devices, a copartnership with the Milan Polytechnic. The first product of this spin-off is a photon counter, already purchased by NASA, Hewlett-Packard, Novartis, and MIT, with great application potentials in the field of biomedical, industrial, and astronomical technologies.

In the Bolzano site Microgate monitors the entire process of technological development: from planning to prototyping, up to production. Approximately thirty employees, 9 of which are engineers specializing in various fields (electronics, IT, aerospace), represent the core of the company. Working on the edge of technological development, being in touch with the most advanced international development centers, for Microgate training and research have highest priority.





1 alphanumeric MicroTab Master display board. MicroTab can be programmed to display static and scrolling...


Panel transporter trolley

The Panel-transport trolley in stainless steel makes it easy and safe to transport up to 10 pads.


Starting horn

The start system includes all the features required in a device to be used by the starter. Easy to transport


FINA norm contact pads

The contact pads are "the state of the art" in systems for taking finishes and turns in the swimming-pool.



In the management of Carving races, the start and finish impulses are given by 2 photocells.


Parallel slalom

In the management of parallel slalom, the MicroTab and MicroGraph displayboards positioned at the finish display the...


Single Slalom

A special coin box (which works with tokens, coins or cards) fitted with a signal light and sound signal tells the...



TabBox is a strong container in fire-enamelled metal for the Microgate alphanumeric displayboards.


Self-Timing coin box

The Microgate coin box, exceptionally strong and compact, is used in Self-Timing systems.


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