Photofinish & Lynx products

Since 1991 Lynx System Developers, Inc., whose premises are near Boston MA (USA), has emerged as the leading company in the sector of digital photofinishes. Lynx products have shown themselves to be a highly innovative solution for results acquisition and transmission requirements at sports events, and has rapidly become a standard in the sector. Lynx products, which are imported into Italy by Microgate, allow the complete management of races and competitions and the processing of data with the relative display of results. Further details about Lynx and its products are available on its website

Technical, as well as commercial, collaboration with Lynx has led to a high level of integration between the products of the two companies.

The Lynx photofinishes can be connected to the LinkGate radio impulse transmission system, the MicroGraph and MicroTab displayboards and of course to the REI2 and Racetime2 stopwatches.

FieldLynx, ReacTime andLaserLynx are instruments which, when used in combination, offer a complete solution to management, timing and measurement requirements in athletics and also other sectors.
ResultTV and SerialLynx expand the potentialities for displaying the results obtained both on the displayboards and on the monitors of the commentators.

EtherLynx PRO Photo-Finish Camera

The standard EtherLynx PRO camera captures full-color photo finish images at 3,000 frames per second.


EtherLynx Fusion Photo-Finish Camera

The EtherLynx Fusion is a highly-versatile digital photo finish camera that produces full-color results images at 2,000...


EtherLynx 2000+ Photo-Finish Camera

The EtherLynx 2000+ is a powerful photo-finish camera that produces fully automatic sports timing via digital line-scan...


IdentiLynx Full-Frame Video Camera

IdentiLynx is an Ethernet-based digital video camera that captures full frame, head-on video from the finish line and...


[Translate to English:] IdentiLynx PRO XS & XR Video Cameras

[Translate to English:] IdentiLynx PRO is a family of Ethernet based digital video cameras that record head-on finish...


[Translate to English:] EtherLynx Vision Photo-Finish Camera

[Translate to English:] The EtherLynx Vision is a powerful sports timing camera with an array sensor that integrates...


EtherLynx Vision PRO Photo-Finish Camera

The EtherLynx Vision PRO is an elite-level photo-finish camera that combines the user-friendly features of the...



FieldLynx is a revolutionary way of exchanging data with the various event sites (jumping, throwing, running) and the...



FinishLynx is an electronic photofinish which combines simplicity of use with very high operational potentialities.


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