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Lynx System Developers is the maker of FinishLynx photo-finish technology and produces fully automatic timing systems, line-scan cameras, and athlete tracking technology for sports markets across the world. The sports technology company is privately-owned and located in Haverhill, MA. It was founded in 1992 by President and CTO Doug DeAngelis after he developed the prototype for FinishLynx technology as a graduate student at MIT. As a long-time runner, DeAngelis saw an opportunity to use digital line-scan technology to produce more accurate and precise photo-finish results for sports.

Today, FinishLynx is arguably the most popular (and powerful) photo-finish results technology in the world. It is used at major sporting events across the world, including the Olympic Trials, Kentucky Derby, NASCAR, and the Tour de France. See below for a closer look at the markets served by Lynx.
Fully Automatic Timing for Sports

Major markets for Lynx photo-finish technology include:

  •     Track & Field / Athletics
  •     Pari-Mutuel industry (Thoroughbred & Greyhound racing)
  •     Cycling (Road Cycling, Velodrome, & BMX Racing)
  •     Regatta Sports (Rowing, Paddling, Dragon Boat, etc)
  •     Motor Sports (Indy Car, Formula One, Motorcycle, Power Boat, NASCAR, etc.)
  •     Speed Skating (Long Track & Short Track)
  •     Skiing (and various other winter sports)
  •     View major sporting events that use FinishLynx timing systems





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