About Cosmed

COSMED is a European Company with headquarters based in Italy manufacturing Cardio Pulmonary and Metabolic Diagnostic Equipment. Innovative products and technological “firsts” in the market have characterized its history. COSMED products are aimed for either professional or medical use for many different applications like: Hospital, Clinics, Primary Care, University & Education in Human Physiology, Clinical Nutrition, Commercial Weight Management, Sport Institutions and Health Club Industry. Currently, COSMED products range from; complete line of spirometers (PC-based, desktop, hand-held and stationary), modular Pulmonary Function equipment, Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing systems (cart, mobile and desktop) to Gold Standard Body Composition for adults, paediatric and infants.

During early 2000 COSMED started to expand its International business incorporating subsidiaries and registered offices in several countries (USA, China, Germany, UK). In 2011, COSMED USA, Inc. completed the acquisition of Life Measurement, Inc. (LMI), a leading provider of body composition assessment equipment in infants, children and adults with its Gold Standard systems: BOD POD and PEA POD.

Supported by a constant and positive growth rate since 2000, with more than 120 employees worldwide, distributed internationally by a network covering over 60 countries, COSMED is among the most long-established and one of the first 5 manufacturing companies in the field of cardiopulmonary diagnostics market worldwide.



K5 - Wearable Metabolic Technology

A breakthrough in wearable metabolic technology


Quark RMR Indirect Calorimetry

The Gold Standard for clinical nutritional assessment


Indirect Calorimetry in ICU Quark RMR ICU

The Gold Standard for clinical nutritional assessment with ICU option


Desktop Indirect Calorimetry with Canopy Fitmate GS

Accurate resting metabolic measurement with canopy for clinical applications


Quark CPET Lab

Latest gas and flow sensor technology for high accurate VO2max tests


Quark PFT - Modular PFT Lab to tailor any need

Extreme Modularity for the most innovative diagnostic equipment for Pulmonary Function Testing



Body plethysmography for accurate respiratory physiopathology


Quark i2m

Total respiratory resistance by Oscillometry


Exhaled Nitric Oxide Monitor Quark NObreath

The easiest and more reliable system for asthma monitoring


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