K5 - Wearable Metabolic Technology

A breakthrough in wearable metabolic technology

COSMED introduces the 4th generation of the most popular metabolic system for field and laboratory testing, a huge breakthrough in the field of exercise physiology and human performance.
The result of COSMED experience in compact metabolic systems has been carefully implemented in a complete new piece of technology incorporating latest design and providing researchers, sport professionals and clinical users new limits in exploring human exercise physiology.
The K5 features a list of new and unique characteristics that expand the scope of metabolic testing in different application fields from human performance assessment to clinical exercise testing.


  • Gold standard accuracy and reliability of VO2max assessment during field or laboratory testing
  • Introducing IntelliMET, the first Metabolic system integrating Dual Gas Sampling Technology
  • Single-body, rugged design (IP66) provides protection against water, moisture and dust
  • 3.5” transflective , touchscreen colour LCD with intuitive device interface
  • Bluetooth LR Wireless data transmission (up to 900 m)
  • Bluetooth 4.0, ANT+ compatibility (up to 8 simultaneous channels)

Field ready
K5 has been conceived for heavy field testing, thanks to its compact unit (internal batteries and 3D sensors) and weather sealed design  (rugged IP66 standard).

COSMED patented solution allows users to select between a Mixing Chamber and breath by breath mode depending on the type of protocol, research or other factors.
Wireless Connectivity

K5 features several interfaces (Bluetooth, Ant+) for both wireless data transmission (up to 900m distance) and seamless  integration with other sensors/devices (ECG, SpO2, HR, powermeters, other sport-specific applications).

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