ergoselect 4 M

The new series of ergoline ergometers, a complete redesign, takes functionality, technology, and appearance to a new level.

With its unique variety of models and technical details, the ergoselect 4 can be fine-tuned to the needs of each individual user.

Control terminal M (remote control)

The compact control terminal M enables ergometer operation via PC-based ECG systems or ECG recorders. The display shows the relevant values (such as watts, speed (RPM), blood pressure, and SpO2). The speed is displayed for the patient—on ergometers with electrical saddle adjustment, two buttons are provided for direct adjustment of the saddle height.

Control terminal P (ergometry)

As an alternative to the control terminal M (remote control only), the control terminal P, in addition to control via PC-based ECG system or ECG recorders, enables the performance of exercise protocols in stand-alone mode (10 freely programmable protocols) as well as the manual operation of the ergometer. All relevant parameters are shown on the easily readable, illuminated LC display during the exercise test.



Control terminal T (color touch)

The convenient color touch control terminal (optional) stands out for its brilliant display and intuitive, simple operation. Whether remote-controlled via PC-based ECG system/ECG recorder, for exercise tests, or for using the ergometer as a training device (e.g., in cardiological rehabilitation)—the control terminal T offers convenient support for all application areas of the ergometer.

Saddle height adjustment with pneumatic spring

Thanks to the self-supporting safety pneumatic spring, the convenient saddle adjustment enables easy fitting of the saddle height for every patient.

Electrical adjustment of saddle height

The optional saddle motor can accommodate a maximum patient weight of 200 kg. The saddle (with patient) can conveniently be adjusted to the proper height with two buttons—even by patients themselves.

Electrical adjustment of handlebar height

In addition to the tilt settings of the ergonomically shaped handlebar, the height of the handlebar stem can be electrically adjusted with the touch of a button to guarantee an optimal, relaxed sitting position for every patient.

Integrated blood pressure measurement

A specially developed microphone with integrated amplifier enables precise blood pressure measurements even at high stress levels.

Integrated SpO2 measurement

The use of a SoftTip sensor instead of a clip reliably prevents the sensor from slipping off the finger during an exercise test or training session. This ensures continuous control of the current oxygen saturation (SpO2).

Digital heart rate acquisition

Uninterrupted, reliable acquisition of the heart rate is indispensable for conducting heart rate-controlled training. The digital ergoline chest strap allows for the unique allocation of the strap to a patient—the “inadvertent” transmission of another person's strap signals is completely ruled out.

Training management and documentation with chip card

Up to 10 different training profiles (all forms of training) can be specified with the ergoline training chip card. The opticare basic PC software writes all training parameters, including warm-up and recovery phase, to the chip card to be read by the ergometer (control terminal Touch). At the end of a training session, the ergometer then records the entire course of the training on the chip card, which allows for saving the data of up to 60 training sessions. Once the data on chip card is downloaded to the database of the opticare basic software, all training sessions are available for documentation and analysis.

Bluetooth / WLAN interface

In addition to the standard interfaces RS-232 (serial) and USB, the ergometer can also be equipped with a wireless interface (Bluetooth or WLAN) to communicate with PC-based ECG systems.

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