Аксессуары Microgate

Bags for transport, the climatic sensor, supports and cables complete the line of MicroGate products.
Bags and communication systems are available in various models to meet every requirement.

[Translate to Russian:] TabBOX

[Translate to Russian:] TabBox is a strong container in fire-enamelled metal for the Microgate alphanumeric...


[Translate to Russian:] Self-Timing coin box

[Translate to Russian:] The Microgate coin box, exceptionally strong and compact, is used in Self-Timing systems.


[Translate to Russian:] Cables

[Translate to Russian:] The original Microgate cables are made with materials of the highest quality.


[Translate to Russian:] Tripods and poles

[Translate to Russian:] You don’t have to go in search of tripods for your photocells or displayboards. Microgate has...


[Translate to Russian:] Protective cases

[Translate to Russian:] Safety cases have been created to guarantee greater protection for your Microgate...


[Translate to Russian:] Bags

[Translate to Russian:] To fully meet the need for easy transport and protection of its timing systems, Microgate...


[Translate to Russian:] MicroCLIMA

[Translate to Russian:] The MICROCLIMA temperature sensor connected to the Racetime2 and REI2 stopwatches allows...


[Translate to Russian:] LINKPOD line expansion system:

[Translate to Russian:] As well as the 4 inputs on the device available for immediate use, REI2 can take up to a...


[Translate to Russian:] Switches

[Translate to Russian:] Many different kinds of buttons are supplied by Microgate, each one designed to guarantee...


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