Решения для плавания Microgate

If you are looking for a solution for the timing of swimming races, an excellent one is to use Microgate products.

The touch pads (for competion or training), starting horn and displayboards led can be immediately connected to Microgate systems.

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[Translate to Russian:] The Panel-transport trolley in stainless steel makes it easy and safe to transport up to 10...


[Translate to Russian:] Starting horn

[Translate to Russian:] The start system includes all the features required in a device to be used by the starter. ...


[Translate to Russian:] Pads for training

[Translate to Russian:] The touch pads, "the state of the art" in systems for taking finishes.


[Translate to Russian:] FINA norm contact pads

[Translate to Russian:] The contact pads are "the state of the art" in systems for taking finishes and turns in the...


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