Системы для стартов Microgate

The correct acquisition of the start must be guaranteed. Microgate products meet the specific requirements of the various sports with products of very high quality, both for the acquisition of the event and communication with the athlete.

[Translate to Russian:] ReacTime

[Translate to Russian:] ReacTime makes it possible to take false starts and measure reaction times and explosive force...


[Translate to Russian:] Switches

[Translate to Russian:] Many different kinds of buttons are supplied by Microgate, each one designed to guarantee...


[Translate to Russian:] Pressure sensors

Careful choice of the materials used for making sensors and the use of water-proof containers for the electronic and...


[Translate to Russian:] Speed Races Start Light

[Translate to Russian:] The new TWO SIDED semaphore light - equipped with high brightness and low consumption LED...


[Translate to Russian:] MicroSem

[Translate to Russian:] The start light is lodged in a strong light container measuring 33cm high x 24cm long x 10cm...


[Translate to Russian:] MicroBeep

[Translate to Russian:] The innovative start beeper is very compact and light (dimensions 12x4x6cm, weight 300g) and...


[Translate to Russian:] Start Pad

[Translate to Russian:] Pressure-sensitive touch pad for taking the start of a run in tests and training sessions.


[Translate to Russian:] Start Traducers

[Translate to Russian:] To meet different needs in the world of timing, the start sensors, created by Lynx and marketed...


[Translate to Russian:] Athletic starting gun

[Translate to Russian:] Drum-magazine gun with the barrel completely closed by a fixed steel cap, highlighted in red,...


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