Измерение скорости Microgate

In various sports sectors such as motor racing or skiing there is an ever greater demand for systems for taking and displaying speeds. Taking speeds is not limited to specific sports objectives but includes various aspects, such as safety on ski slopes or car tests. To meet this growing market demand, Microgate has created a wireless system for taking and displaying speeds. RadioSpeed is fully automatic: it requires neither cables nor an operator.
The RadioSpeed display board kit is easy to use and quick to assemble: in order to automatically display the speed it is sufficient to position the display board and the photocells with integrated radio transmitter. The radio signal has a range of either 2km or 300m depending on the type of photocells.

The RadioSpeed Kit is available in two versions:

[Translate to Russian:] RadioSpeed Light

[Translate to Russian:] 1 numeric 3-figures MicroTab display board with integrated DecRadio Light radio...


[Translate to Russian:] RadioSpeed

[Translate to Russian:] 1 alphanumeric MicroTab Master display board. MicroTab can be programmed to display...


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