Photocells Microgate

The new Microgate reflection photocell Polifemo is outstanding for its attractive design, which was conceived to meet the requirements of accident-prevention safety norms. Its unique optical design guarantees a high range and greater accuracy of measurement. Special optical and electronic features guarantee maximum reliability also in poor external light conditions.
The Polifemo photocells are available in normal format or with the embedded LinkGate radio transmission system.

In the range of various Polifemo photocells, you are sure to find the one which meets your requirements.


TabBox is a strong container in fire-enamelled metal for the Microgate alphanumeric displayboards.



Reflective mirror with high reflectance, ABS rounded chassis, and metal junction with threaded ends for positioning on...


Polifemo MicroBox

A specially-created container for protecting the photocells and their accessories from the sun and bad weather when set...


Polifemo Double

The double-photocell system for athletics consists of 2 synchronized photocells positioned one over the other. Only the...


Polifemo Light

Maximum operational simplicity to meet the requirements of users who need a photocell which is easy to use but at the...


Polifemo Radio Light

The radio system built into the POLIFEMO LIGHT RADIOphoto-cell allows easy and rapid positioning without the use of...


Polifemo Radio

The radio system embedded in the Polifemo photocell allows easy and rapid positioning of the photocells wherever you...



THE ELECTRONIC EYE... The new Microgate POLIFEMOphotocells are outstanding for their attractive design, conceived to...


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