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The second next steps are actually even more precious than the first ones.

HUR offers the top-notch solution for different types of rehabilitation. The equipment in the HUR Premium Line is accredited as medical products, and registered by The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. The computerized HUR solutions are safe and easy to use, save staff resources through more independent activities, and speed up rehabilitation time.


Validia rehabilitation center – Finland

"The Rehabilitation Centre has been particularly satisfied with the fact that HUR's Easy Access Line is suitable for everybody – those in wheelchairs, people with other mobility and sensory impairments and able bodied exercisers" – Harri Ahtee, Senior Instructor

The Validia Rehabilitation Centre in Helsinki, Finland, works with people who suffer from spinal cord or brain damage, caused by accident or by illness. "HUR's Easy Access Line was developed in conjunction with the Centre, so it was an obvious decision for us to install HUR equipment when the facility was refurbished in 2002", says Mr. Ahtee.

"Working in partnership with HUR has been extremely easy; they listened to our requirements and incorporated them into the development of the Easy Access Line". Validia Rehabilitation Centre has both HUR Easy Access and Rehabilitation Line equipment. Users and staff have commented on its ease of use as well as the size and location of adjustment buttons. Other positive features include range limiters, the near zero starting resistance with step less adjustments and the lightweight, compact nature of the machines.

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