Системи самостійної фіксації часу Microgate

More and more skiers want to test themselves against time in timed trials or in actual races.

The innovative Microgate automatic timing systems allow you to fully satisfy this increasingly strong desire and offer its customers a high-quality service.

Timing is completely automatic and there is no need for the assistance of operators, even for parallel slalom.

The system is entirely controlled by the Microgate MicroTAB and MicroGRAPH displayboards, which ensure that functioning is reliable and installation simple.

By following the instructions you will be able to install the timing system by yourself, after laying a connection cable between the start and the finish.


In the management of Carving races, the start and finish impulses are given by 2 photocells.


Parallel slalom

In the management of parallel slalom, the MicroTab and MicroGraph displayboards positioned at the finish display the...


Single Slalom

A special coin box (which works with tokens, coins or cards) fitted with a signal light and sound signal tells the...


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